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Company Profile

Welcome to Suzhou Hi-Tex. This website takes a window, a bridge, supplies the rich prompt information for you, listens attentively to your criticism and the suggestion, and hope you can more understand Hi-Tex through the website.

Hi-Tex's step is forging ahead. Facing economic globalization's tendency, in future competition, we will continue to implement “the promotion national industry, creates the worldf-amous brand”the enterprise mission, insisted that take the customer as the center,fulfils exactly the modern commercial standard and the moral, will abandon all not to adapt the future market trend of development management idea and the standard of conduct, will innovate unceasingly, will be unceasingly enterprising, will promote the core competitiveness fast, will promote our country Functional garment industry vigorous development.

Here, hoped sincerely each session of friends, support Hi-Tex as always, cooperates hand in hand, the mutually beneficial interaction, the accord development, will create Hi-Tex to be brighter

together happy tomorrow!